Bruntons AutoProp Feathering Propeller 19" H6 Series

-5% Bruntons AutoProp Feathering Propeller 19" H6 Series

Bruntons AutoProp Feathering Propeller 19" H6 Series 3 blade Sailboat Propeller.

Autoprop H6 Series 3-blade sailboat propellers for engines 70 to 125 hp, Shaft Diameters 1.250" thru 1.750" and metric 32 to 45mm.

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The AutoProp has been developing for over 25 years.  There have been significant changes in engineering and production that have taken advantage of development to continually improve performance and durability.

The latest editions are considered the best sailboat props in the world by many world-class sailors and production-boat manufacturers.  The AutoProp has the unique ability to change pitch automatically, maximizing performance regardless of prevailing wind and sea conditions.  Its “overdrive” feature allows you to motor-sail or motor at lower RPM’s for the same speed, saving fuel, time and wear and tear, just like overdrive on your cars automatic transmission.

If you bought a prop for its performance in forward, what is it worth if the prop performs the same in reverse?  With blades that rotate 180 degrees, the AutoProp blade shape is identical in forward or reverse, virtually eliminating prop walk and optimizing thrust and pitch.

Historically installing feathering props is one of the biggest reasons to avoid them…not anymore!  The AutoProp comes fully assembled, ready to slide onto your shaft or saildrive as simply as a fixed propeller.


  • Unique OverDrive for motoring and motor-sailing
  • NiBral alloy construction – greater strength and minimized marine growth
  • Automatic self-pitching to maximize efficiency and performance
  • Prop walk and cavitation virtually eliminated
  • Greater stopping power and full aft power
  • Designed for engines up to 300 hp, and shafts up to 2.25”
  • Ships with propeller nut and zinc anode
  • Simple installation, similar to a fixed propeller and shaft


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