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Get A Prop stocks a large variety of Inboard Propeller Pullers, Volvo Duoprop Tools, Floating Propeller Wrenches, Ski Boat Prop Pullers, Strut Bearing Pullers, and the Propsmith. We have your Propeller Puller for sale from several major brands such as Walter Machine, Olympic Propeller, Pro Pull, Propsmith and Algonac along with all sorts of Propeller Wrenches including the Bravo 3 Prop Wrench and Accessories to help you safely remove and replace your boat propellers. Find the right Prop Puller or Wrench that fits your needs in just a few clicks, SALE Pricing Same Day Shipping. We are Trained Propeller Technicians offering free expert advice · Boat Propeller Sales and Repair, 40 Years of Experience, Authorized Dealers. Questions? 866-790-7767 or email –

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Acme Harmonic Prop Puller Kit

Acme Harmonic Prop Puller KitThe Acme prop puller kit has everything you need to get your damaged pr..


Acme Propeller Puller 7/8" thru 1 1/8" Shafts

Acme Propeller Puller is a precision tool essential to removing any ski boat propeller.Cast in stain..


Acme Traditional Prop Puller Kit

Acme Traditional Prop Puller KitDon't be caught dead in the water with a bent or broken prop. This a..


Algonac Propeller Puller A

Algonac Prop Puller A - 1.25"-2.00" Prop Shafts.Scissor puller for 14"-24" PropellersProtects the pr..


Algonac Propeller Puller B

Algonac Prop Puller B - 2.50"-3.00" Prop Shafts.Scissor puller for 24"-48" PropellersProtects the pr..


Algonac Strut Bearing Puller

The Algonac Strut Bearing Puller eliminates the removal of the strut from the boat or the hard pound..


Bravo 3 Propeller Wrench

Bravo 3 Propeller Wrench designed specifically for Mercury Bravo 3 Drives. One wrench covers both pr..


Floating Propeller Wrench Mercury 20-25 HP

859046Q2-Propeller Wrench Fits 13/16"Nut... Mercury-Mariner 20-25 HP, OMC 9.9-30 HP Plastic Prop Wr..


Floating Propeller Wrench Mercury 30-60 HP

859046Q3-Propeller Wrench Fits 15/16" Nut... Mercury/Mariner 30-60 HP (std. gearcase) Plastic Prop ..


Floating Propeller Wrench Mercury 6-15 HP

859046Q1-Propeller Wrench Fits 9/16" Nut... Mercury-Mariner 6-15 HP Plastic Prop Wrench (purple)..


Floating Propeller Wrench Mercury/Mariner 75-250 HP

859046Q4-Propeller Wrench Fits 1-1/16" Nut... Mercury/Mariner 75-250 Hp Sterndrives, Alpha, Bravo I..


Mercruiser Bravo 1 Propeller Wrench

Fits Mercuriser Bravo One, Alpha One and Large Mercury Outboard Motors. Specifically designed to fi..


Mercruiser Bravo 2 Propeller Wrench

Specifically designed to fit the Mercuriser Bravo Two Drive. 1-7/16" 3 inches deep set socket end. S..


Mercruiser Bravo 3 Propeller Socket

Designed specifically to remove inner prop nut on Mercury's Bravo Three Drive...


Nylock Propeller Nut Kit Ski Boat 1.000"-1.125"

Ski Boat Propeller Shaft Nyloc Nut Kit Fits 1" and 1 1/8" shafts.Brass Nyloc Propeller Nut - Th..


OJ Propeller Puller 7/8" thru 1 1/8" Shafts

OJ Propeller Puller ...The OJ Propeller Puller is able to pull any 3 or 4 blade ski boat prop with a..


OJ Propeller Puller Kit

OJ Propeller Puller Kit.The OJ Propeller Puller is able to pull any 3 or 4 blade ski boat prop with ..


OJ Spare Puller Kit

OJ Spare Propeller & Puller Kit. (PROPELLER NOT INCLUDED)The OJ Propeller Puller is able to pull..


Olympic Propeller Puller 1.50" Shafts -15%

Olympic Propeller Puller 1.50" Shafts

Heavy-Duty Inboard Olympic Propeller Puller for use with 1.375" & 1.50" Shafts.1.50" Maximum Sha..

$429.00 $364.65

Olympic Propeller Puller 2.00" Shafts -15%

Olympic Propeller Puller 2.00" Shafts

Heavy-Duty Olympic Propeller Puller for use with 1.75" & 2.00" Shafts.2.00" Maximum Shaft Diamet..

$499.00 $424.15

Olympic Propeller Puller 2.50" Shafts -15%

Olympic Propeller Puller 2.50" Shafts

Heavy-Duty Inboard Olympic Prop Puller for use with 2.25" & 2.50" Propeller Shafts.2.50" Maximum..

$579.00 $492.15

Pro Pull 101 Kit

Pro-Pull 101 Kit includes: (3/4” - 1 1/8”) Shaft diameter propeller puller, a wrench for the puller ..


Prop Puller 103 1.50" Shafts Out Of Stock

Prop Puller 103 1.50" Shafts

Pro Pull PPF103 Versatile inboard propeller puller.1.50" maximum shaft diameterGetaProp Versati..


Prop Puller 116 3" Shafts

Pro Pull PPF116 - Heavy-Duty Inboard Propeller Puller.3.00" maximum shaft diameterHeavy Duty Prop Pu..


PropSmith Inboard Prop Puller 1.75"

PropSmith Prop Puller for 1.75" SAE Shafts.GetaProp has the only tool that is both a prop “pusher” a..