Volvo Penta Duoprop DPH Type-G Set

Volvo Penta Duoprop DPH Type-G Set

Volvo Penta DPH Duoprop Nibral Propeller Set for Volvo Penta DPH Drives.

The new generation Volvo Duoprop propellers has been specially developed to handle the tremendous torque and power from the D4 and D6 engines. The combination of a 3-blade front and a 4-blade rear propeller, is the key to the tremendous grip in the water. Performance is outstanding and the special nickel-bronze-bronze (Nibral) alloy complete with full electric isolation ensures no growth and excellent corrosion resistance.


21829326 aka 3807136 Volvo Penta DPH Cone Kit

Volvo Penta DPH Rear Propeller Lock Bolt

3863213 Volvo Penta DPH Rear Propeller Nut

3863211 Volvo Penta DPH Front Propeller Nut

21318669 Volvo Penta Duo-Prop DPH & DPR Tool

G2 Set #3587375 - Superseded to 22898642

G3 Set #3587378 - Superseded to 22898643

G4 Set #3587379 - Superseded to 22898644

G5 Set #3587380 - Superseded to 22898645

G6 Set #3587381 - Superseded to 22898646

G7 Set #3587382 - Superseded to 22898647

G8 Set #3587383 - Superseded to 22898648

G9 Set #3587384 - Superseded to 22898649

G10 Set #3587385 - Superseded to 22898650

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