Volvo Penta Duoprop DPS Type I Set

-30% Volvo Penta Duoprop DPS Type I Set

Volvo Penta Type "I" Duoprop Aluminum Propeller Set for Volvo Penta DPS-A Type Drives.

Genuine OEM Volvo Penta Duoprop Propellers.

The development work and experience from the successful DPH and IPS duo-propellers have been possible to transfer to a new aluminium propeller series. The blade geometry with thinner and bigger blades (patented design) gives improved performance regarding: acceleration top speed and propeller grip.

NOTE : Replaces Type D Propellers

NOTE : Do not mix D series with I series on the same drive. For twin installations use only the same propellers. Do not mix D and I propellers.

For all engines with speeds in excess of 35 knots, the stainless steel Type F propeller should be used.

21631162 aka 3851341 Volvo Penta DPS Rear Nut

3851569 Volvo Penta DPS Forward Nut

3855516 Volvo Penta Duoprop DPS Tool Kit

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