With over 40 years of propulsion experience Getaprop an American-owned company supplies and designs, bronze, stainless steel and aluminum propellers for worldwide shipment. Getaprop is known for providing durable, high performance, specialty props for almost all boat/motor applications and offer more propeller types than any other manufacturer in the world. With a reputation for quality, performance and innovation, Getaprop proudly offers one of the largest selections of Stainless-Steel Outboard Propellers in the industry, as well as, Inboard Propellers from Michigan Wheel, Hung-Shen and CNC Machined VEEM Conquest Propellers.

Launched in 1982, Volvo Penta showed the marine industry that twin counter-rotating propellers could produce unparalleled thrust, straight and true tracking along with faster acceleration – a completely new boating experience. The duoprop sterndrive propellers are designed to form a vital part of the driveline, providing highly efficient and predictable handling, together with excellent onboard comfort and fuel efficiency. Volvo Penta duoprops are designed, tested and manufactured together to ensure not only a high-top speed, but the best overall performance – all this while securing the service life of your drive. If your in need of a particular tool to remove your Propeller or Duoprops, we offer a complete line-up of OEM Volvo Penta Tools and all related Propeller Attaching Hardware.

PowerTech has developed and patented the CUSHION-LOK HUB system that has all but eliminated hub failure and drive shaft damage with propellers also offered in the press-in rubber hub and square hub designs to use drop in hub kits. PowerTech leads the world in propeller designs/part numbers, manufacturing more combinations of features than any other propeller manufacturer. Along with our many standard, all-purpose designs, PowerTech Propellers are available for almost every motor range, including semi-cleavers, double-cups, triple-cups, pontoon/workboat props, 3, 4 and 5 blades. From the all-purpose to the exotic, ranging from 9.25” up to 18.5” diameter Mercury Bravo II Propeller fitments, we offer a wide variety of blade geometries and configurations, so that we might handle the many and varied performance needs of our customers.

Our experienced staff of “Prop-Tologist” professionals at Getaprop field phone calls and e-mails from around the world, every day, analyzing boat performance and recommending the most appropriate propeller from the extensive product line. This way the customer gets the right tool for the right job. With over 500,000 boat propellers in service worldwide, Getaprop has grown into an internationally recognized market leader through innovation, performance, quality and customer service. We ship worldwide daily, and most orders will ship same business day by 3pm (Pacific Standard Time)