Minderman Marine

Minderman Marine

Algonac Propeller Puller is a Great Time-Saver! Protects the Propeller, the Shaft, and the Bearings. Pulls 2, 3, and 4-Blade Wheels (10" to 24") quickly, without disturbing close coupled rudders. Requires only minimum clearance between hub and strut or stern bearings.

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Algonac Propeller Puller A

Algonac Prop Puller A - 1.25"-2.00" Prop Shafts.Scissor puller for 14"-24" PropellersProtects the pr..


Algonac Propeller Puller B

Algonac Prop Puller B - 2.50"-3.00" Prop Shafts.Scissor puller for 24"-48" PropellersProtects the pr..


Algonac Strut Bearing Puller

The Algonac Strut Bearing Puller eliminates the removal of the strut from the boat or the hard pound..