Mercury Propellers 04-65hp Older

Get A Prop has the best propeller selection of replacement propellers for older 4-65 HP Mercury Outboards in stock. We offer Michigan Match Propellers in Aluminum for older Mercury Outboard motors from 1963 to1985. Find the right Propeller that fits your Mercury Outboard motor from Michigan Wheel in just a few clicks, SALE Pricing, Same Day Shipping available. We are Trained Propeller Technicians offering free “expert advice” · Boat Propeller Sales and Repair, 40 Years’ Experience, Authorized Distributor for Michigan Wheel Corp. Questions? 866-790-7767 or email at

Michigan Wheel 2017 Outboard Sterndrive Propellers

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Michigan Match Propeller 04-10hp Mercury

04-10hp Michigan Match Aluminum Propeller fits 1968-1985 Mercury Outboards.Rubber Hub Bushing Thru ..


Michigan Match Propeller 15-25hp Mercury

15-25hp Pin Drive Michigan Match Aluminum Propeller fits 1976-1985 Mercury Outboards.Rubber Hub Bush..


Michigan Match Propeller 20hp Mercury

20hp 8-Spline Michigan Match Aluminum Propeller fits 1963-1981 Mercury Outboards.Rubber Hub Bushing ..


Michigan Match Propeller 40-65hp Mercury

40-65hp 13-Spline Michigan Match Aluminum Propeller fits 1972-1976 Mercury Outboards.Rubber Hub Bush..