Michigan Match Yamaha Propeller 15-28hp

Michigan Match Yamaha Propeller 15-28hp

Michigan Match Aluminum Pin Drive Propeller fits 1976-1983 15-28hp Yamaha Outboards.

Thru Hub Exhaust
Pin Drive - Non Thru Hub Exhaust
Rubber Hub Bushing

Similar OEM Yamaha Propellers:
650-45943-01-36, 651-45947-00-36, 653-45941-01-36

15A & W15 HP 1976-1983
20 HP 1976-1978
25 HP 2 Cyl. 1977-1979
28 HP 1976-1978

Michigan Wheel passes boat propeller savings along to you, in the form of a high quality, better performing boat Propellers that typically cost less than the motor manufacturer prop you’re replacing. All Michigan Match Propellers feature a NAVAL brass spindle with rubber cushioned hub that absorbs impact and the stress caused by shifting gears. The rubber bushing is designed to spin free under significant impact, reducing the potential for lower unit damage. Michigan Match aluminum propellers also feature a high gloss black power coach finish, helping minimize speed loss from drag, while protecting the aluminum. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, Michigan Match outboard propellers are a great primary prop yet priced as a weekend-saver spare.

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