Gori 2 Blade Sailboat Propeller 15"

Gori 2 Blade Sailboat Propeller 15"

15" Gori 2 Blade folding Propeller fits Volvo & Yanmar Saildrives & Shaft diameters 3/4" thru 1 1/8" also Metric Shaft diameters thru 30mm, available in 10-12 Pitch.

First off, you will see an increase in sailing speeds over a fixed 3-blade propeller. The drag reduction will amount to approx. 0.95 + of a knot. The drag for both the Gori 2-blade & 3-blade propellers is the lowest of any fixed, feathering or folding propellers giving increased sailing speeds & less turbulence over the rudder enabling you to point higher, steer easier. The unique folding design prevents seaweed etc from fouling on the propeller giving increased speed potential. The geared blade design is very positive and ensures that all the blades open & close all together in one shaft revolution giving peace of mind when maneuvering – full control.

Key Features Include:
• Maximum performance under power
• Superior performance in reverse
• Lowest drag under sail
• 2 and 3-blade design
• Gori unmatched construction
• Virtually no maintenance
• No fouling of lines under sail
• Approved use with sail drives & shaft drives
• Fair pricing

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