XHS207D Michigan Wheel XHS Hub 60-130 HP Honda

XHS207D Michigan Wheel XHS Hub 60-130 HP Honda

Michigan Wheel XHS207 Hub Kit for Honda 60-130 HP 2003 & Newer.

Michigan Wheel's Xchangeable Hub System (XHS™) absorbs impact and stress caused by shifting gears and is designed to spin under significant impact to protect your lower end unit.

XHS™ Hub Kits include forward thrust washer, inner hub, and aft drive adapter. These XHS™ Hub Kits are utilized on the Apollo® Stainless Steel Propellers and Vortex® Aluminum Propellers. These hub kits do not include a prop nut, tab washer, or cotter pin.

XHS207 Universal Hub Kit for use with the following Honda Outboard Motors.

BFP 60 HP 2010 & Newer
BF 75/90 HP 1995 & Newer
BF 100 HP 2016 & Newer
BF 115 HP 1998 thru 2010
BF 130 HP 1998 thru 2004

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