Boat Propeller Guard

Boat Propeller Guard

Get A Prop has a complete line of Boat Propeller Guards to enhance the safety of your prop and prevent damage to your Boat Propellers. We offer Prop guards from 9” thru 19.5” from Propguard Marine Composite, MPT Thrustor Aluminum and Stainless Steel Safety Line Guards for Outboard and Stern-drive applications. If you do not see what you are looking for, or are not sure what you need, please call us at 866-790-7767 or email us at

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Prop Guard 09" Black 9.9hp to 20hp

Prop Guard Fits 9.9hp to 20hp - Class A Gearcase/Motors. 9" High Strength Composite (Military G..


Prop Guard 11" Orange 25hp to 35hp

Prop Safe Guard Fits 25hp to 35hp - Class B Gear case/Motors. 11" High Strength Composite (Not ..


Prop Guard 13" Blue 40hp to 65hp

Prop Safe Guard Fits 40hp to 65hp - Class C Gear case/Motors. 13" High Strength Composite (Not ..


Prop Guard 14" Red 70hp to 140hp

Prop Safe Guard Fits 70hp to 140hp - Class D Gear case/Motors. 14" High Strength Composite (Not..


Prop Guard 16" Black 90hp to 250hp

Prop Guard Fits 90hp to 250hp Class E Gearcase/Motors. 16" High Strength Composite (Military Gr..