CNC Machined Propellers

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The evolution of a 20th century propellers are now available to the commercial fishing fleet. The advantages of full CNC Machined Propellers are increased speeds, reduction of fuel consumption and less vibration providing less wear and tear on your running gear.


In the yachting industry, this CNC manufacturing technology is most commonly used as the demand for higher quality propellers are a must. Today’s commercial fishing boat propellers are now available in a variety of robust styles in 3, 4 or 5 blade designs. If you are building a new vessel or just repowering we encourage you to consider the new CNC Commercial Fishing Boat propellers. Up front you can expect to pay about 25% more than a low tolerance hand finished propeller but the benefits of efficiency and performance will surely make it a worthwhile purchase.


We offer VEEM Conquest high accuracy, 5 axis CNC machined propellers that perfects every square millimeter of the propeller, producing a flawless product that is manufactured to exact design specifications. The human error that’s eliminated allows for identical propellers to be produced every time. This guarantees propellers that are perfectly balanced from side to side, boat to boat, year to year.













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