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Yamaha Outboard Propellers:


Our staff at getaprop.com will make buying propellers for your Yamaha outboard motor easy with free shipping in Cont. USA and devoted customer service during & after the sale. Contact us today about our exchange policy and utilize our free technical support concerning questions you have about you boat/motor application.


We offer/stock a large selection of Yamaha outboard propellers for anything from A-Class low horsepower 9.9 motors to E+ Class, 350HP models and everything in between. PTPropeller.com brings generations of experience and technical know-how to the propeller business and can offer upgrades and recommendations for any motor you plan to take into the water. Our Yamaha props are delivered with free shipping and all have pitch adjustment available at minimal cost within thirty days of your purchase.



Our specialty outboard propellers fit just about all types of boat/motor combinations from off-shore, flats/bay, bass, walleye, inflatable, pontoon/tri-toon, john boat, lake and ski boats with or without jack plates and pocket tunnels aluminum, wood or fiberglass.


We tackle any and all problems with the geometry of propellers in our shop and make it easier for you to get the perfect fit for any motor. There are no mysteries when it comes to propellers in our workshop. The experience we bring to the table is unmatched.


What makes a PowerTech Propeller different? This award winning manufacturer continues to provide innovations for outboard motors of all kinds. One item is the Cushion Lok Hub design that employs rubber shear & cushioning rods to provide the basis for smooth shifting. You don’t get the vibrations or “clunking” that is noticeable when shifting lesser models into gear. These hitches are reduced and the result is a humming motor with top-shelf performance. These marine stainless propellers can handle the 2-stroke & 4-stroke power of its best motors. Get your bass or bay boat ready for the season when you put these stainless steel wonders to work for you.


Our PowerTech VMX3 Stainless Yamaha propeller is an example of our all-purpose props fitting a 150-300 horsepower outboards. It has 15.25” in diameter, a high polish finish, 15-tooth spline (available with the Powertech Premium Cushion Lok Hub design or Square Hub to receive the Vortex/Flo-Torq hub kits) for the 4.75” gear case. This type of prop is available with 23” to 27” of pitch. Utilizing right-hand rotation with cup, this prop will work for a Yamaha Outboard family motors from 150-300HP.


The PowerTech LFS 4-Blade Propeller for 350 HP 4-stroke motors feature the CLY350 Cushion Lok Hub System, a high polish stainless finish and Thru-Hub exhaust equipped with a 17-tooth spline. There are few props that can match the grip of the 16.00” in diameter blades with 1” pitch increments available. We make buying Yamaha props easy with free shipping and devoted customer service throughout the entire purchase process. Feel free to put our unparalleled expertise to the test while you are researching and buying the perfect prop for your motor at getaprop.com

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Adamie Luc:
08/09/2018, 10:24:54 PM

Hi. Im adamie luc alaku, and i was order an stainless steel propeller. For my f60 yamaha 4 stroke. Somehow stainless steel prop is descreasing my speed and lower my rpm. That propeller is 11 1/4 diameter 17 pitch 13 tooth spline. And i wonder about these two propellers. michigan wheels propeller 11x15 better then power tech alumminum 11x15. My canoe is labrador wooden. 22"

Steve Chandler:
18/02/2019, 10:52:59 PM

Adamie - Sorry for the delay, our site has had some challenging hurdles over the last year or so. If you're still interested in stainless propellers, please drop us a line at info@getaprop.com or give us a call at 360-299-8266. For your inconvenience, we'll ship anywhere in the lower 48 states at no charge.

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