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This page is an invitation for you!  Yep, after blogs on sailboat props, dealing with most of the sailor questions that come through and helping prop out sailboats across the country, I now need your help.


See, as much as I’d love to, I am not in the position right now to hire on for prop studies, or market research, that type of stuff.  Nah, I’ve got this job that I love, and being in the slice of heaven called Anacortes, I’m alright to stay here for a bit.  (And yes, the sailing is GREAT here!)  But the question comes to the front of my mind regularly…”Wonder how that install went for Joe?  Does he like the prop?  Did it make the changes we were shooting for?”.


That’s where you come in.  That folding FlexoFold we discussed, how was the installation on it?  The fixed 3-blade we got to replace your 2-blade, did it help with the vibration?  And did it improve your fuel efficiency while you’re motoring?  Was everything as forecast, or is there something I can improve on?


So help me out here folks!  I’d love to see your comments, opinions and pictures of props you and I have collaborated on.  My first one is from February of this year, a 3-blade MaxProp feathering propeller.  As long as your comments are at least PG-13 I’ll use the whole email.  If you’re using this to decide on a new propeller, I want to give you good and bad input from your companions out there that have installed and are using the props you’re curious about.


So drop me a line,  Attn: Steve, or M-F 8-4 unless I had to call out from work for a sailing date!



Hi Steve,

Sending you some photos of the Max-Prop Easy installed on Asylum. Shiny and new. Installation went exactly as in the manual. The guys in the yard are impressed. She launched yesterday afternoon and we had a good run in the sun from Latitude in La Conner back to Cap Santé.  A two hour run under power. It took over a month in the yard waiting for warm enough weather for the paint.


Power and performance is very good in forward. Same speed at the same cruising RPM and the same engine temp as the old three blade fixed. It bogs a bit at full RPM but I'm not too worried about that, as we haven't needed that in 15 years.


It seems to shift well from forward to reverse, no real lag at all. The way our combo throttle and transmission works you have to go through idle RPM and neutral as you shift back to reverse.


I'm not so sure about reverse. We gave it a try in open water and there seemed to be a lot more prop torque than I expected. The stern pulled hard to port. Maybe I'm not used to it and gave it too much RPM, as I think it has a lot more pitch in reverse. It needs more trial and experience.





M.L., S/V Asylum

March 8, 2019


M., - Thanks so much for your input!  The reverse info is interesting, and I'd like to know how it develops over the summer.  It may be something to consider, but as you said it may just be performance of a new prop that you're not used to in reverse.  With this prop, if you're getting basically the same performance in reverse as forward, it may be an adjustment period.  Glad you're keeping an open mind.


Also, for you folks looking at MaxProps, they have a Classic or the Easy mentioned by M.  The biggest difference is what steered me away from MaxProp for a long time.  Their classic feathering prop can be adjusted for pitch, but it's recommended you dry-dock the boat to do it.  Lotsa moving parts and other schtuff to get misplaced and drift into the sandy bottom if done by your diver.  However, the Easy is, well...Easy!  Changing the pitch requires getting the right screw, then backing out the old set screw and installing the new (right) screw to reset your pitch to another setting.  Damn, it's...wait for it...Easy!

Getaprop is always ready to order alternate pitch set screws, just give us a call!




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