Bob's Versa Jac Manual Jack Plate

Bob's Versa Jac Manual Jack Plate

Bob's Manual Versa Jac Plate is available in six different configurations.

Bobs VERSA JAC :  Made of high-quality, aircraft-grade aluminum, the patent pending Versajac™ has the same look as Bob's popular line of hydraulic jacks. It is rated for engines up to 300 hp and is available in 4", 6", 8", 10" and 12" setbacks as well as our mini jack plate line. Adjusting the jack plate for optimum results is easily done while the boat is in the water.

When it's time to upgrade from manual to all-hydraulic operation, converting the jack is simple. Using a few basic hand tools, remove the Versajac's manual screw assembly and swap it out for the new hydraulic cylinder kit. Then install the pump inside the boat. All BMS's hydraulic pumps are designed to mount inside for longevity and protection from the elements. Jack plates have "limited lifetime warranty" and pumps have a 3 year warranty (excluding water damage).

Production time of Versa jack plates can be one to two weeks.

SKU                      Model                 WT.       Max HP/lbs        Setback

100-504000         4″ Light Versa        35           115/425                4”

100-504100         4″ HD Versa           40           300/625                4”

100-506000         6″ Versa                41           300/625                6”

100-508000         8″ Versa                45           300/625                8”

100-510000         10″ Versa              49           300/625                10”

100-512000         12″ Versa              56           300/625                12”

100-514000         14″ Versa              71           300/625                14”

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